Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines

We appreciate your enthusiastic fundraising efforts.

When individuals, groups, clubs, organizations, or businesses reach out to their networks/customers on behalf of our community we all WIN.

Thank you for your interest in making Greater Gallatin United Way (GGUW) the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts.  We are fortunate that community members choose to use their time, energy, and talent to help raise funds to support our mission. 

If you would like to host a third-party fundraiser to support GGUW, a specific GGUW program, or our disaster relief efforts, please contact our Director of Donor Engagement, Sylvia Drain at (406) 587-2194 or

To help make your fundraising event successful and enjoyable, and make the best use of our staff resources, please review the following guidelines.

Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  • Third-party events should be approved by GGUW at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • GGUW will not be bound by any agreements, not in writing and agreed upon prior to the fundraising event(s), promotion or activities.

  • Approved third-party fundraising events must be referred to as "benefitting Greater Gallatin United Way" or a specific GGUW program or disaster relief fund by name.  They may not be represented as "sponsored by, "conducted on behalf" or any similar terminology.  

  • GGUW prohibits events or promotions involving the promotion or support of a political party or candidate or that appear to endorse any lobbying or political activity.  

  • GGUW prohibits direct solicitation (including but not limited to door-to-door canvassing and telemarketing.)

Promotion and Logo Use:

  • Any use of the GGUW name, logo or visual representation of GGUW must be approved by GGUW prior to the fundraising event or promotion.
  • Materials, including but not limited to press releases, public service announcements, electronic marketing, posters, brochures, flyers, and tickets must be approved by GGUW prior to printing or going love via the Internet including but not limited to websites, social media channels, virtual event platforms, and videos.
  • You can download the GUUW vertical stacked logo here and the GGUW horizontal logo here.
  • To "tag" GGUW in social media see the following:

Finance and Tax Rules:

  • GGUw has no fiduciary responsibility for your event(s) and no liability for event or execution including promotion, set-up, staffing or the collection and management of funds raised in connection with events or promotion.

  • GGUW will not solicit sponsors or auction items for your fundraising event -- and will not provide any donor or volunteer contact information, mailing lists, press contacts or formal advertising.  

  • GGUW will not be responsible for expenses in connection with third-party fundraisers except if there is a written agreement to the contrary agreed and signed by both parties.  

  • GGUW will receive only the final net donations from the proceeds of the event(s).  Under no circumstances will third-party event(s) revenue and expenses flow through the GGUW accounts.

  • NOTE:  Only individual donors who have written checks or processed online donations directly to GGUW will receive an official acknowledgment from GGUW.

  • A bank, other deposit or transaction account in the name of GGUW cannot be established by a third-party organizer or volunteers.  If payments are made to the organizer and/or volunteers and the event organizer/volunteers are not an IRS-qualified entity, then those payments will not be deductible for income tax purposes.  If the payments are made to GGUW or a specific disaster fund held by GGUW, donations are typically tax-deductible, though you should consult your tax advisor.  

Liability and Cancellation:

  • The third-party fundraiser, organizer and all of their employees, contractors, agents and volunteers shall obey all federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to promoting and conducting their event(s), including fundraising rules and regulations.
  • The third-party fundraiser organizer and all of their employees, contractors, agents and volunteers will determine the extent of and obtain its own liability insurance for the vent sufficient to cover any claim that may arise out of the event.  GGUW will not provide liability insurance to anyone regardless of circumstances.  The third-party event organizer shall indemnify, defend and hold GGUW harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, losses damages, costs, fees, attorney fees, expenses and liabilities arising from or relating to events or fundraising activities planned and or conduct.
  • The third-party fundraiser will obtain all permits and/or licenses necessary for fundraising and the hosting of raffles and to games of chance.
  • the third-party fundraiser shall three (3) days in advance, deliver to GGUW's Director of Donor Engagement signed copies of all event -- or fundraising-related permits, and shall approve them prior to any event without the foregoing review and approval.