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A workplace giving campaign is an opportunity to empower your employees to support their community through financial contributions.  In the past, United Ways typically conducted campaigns with companies that could offer payroll deductions for their employees.  Payroll deductions do offer the benefit of paying with pre-tax dollars, but technology has opened up options for giving that do not rely on payroll deductions. 

We now offer online donation forms that include payroll deduction, a hybrid of payroll deduction, and credit card payments or credit card donations only.  Donations can be monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We can gather contributions from multiple locations across counties or states.  We can record donations to our United Way along with other local organizations and handle the payments to those organizations, all with streamlined reporting to provide you with accurate results.  In short, please talk with us, and we will customize a plan to fit your needs.

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Thank you for leading your workplace giving campaign. We're here to help, starting with the resources below.

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The benefits of a Workplace Charitable Giving Campaign:

  • ease of supporting a variety of local programs and initiatives that improve lives through one donation
  • satisfaction of employees knowing their employer supports the communities where 4they live and work
  • the convenience of giving through payroll deduction, credit card, check or cash
  • opportunity to support the community and causes they believe in
  • more knowledgeable around local community issues through presentations on community needs
  • information about available community resources should they or someone they know need help
  • satisfaction of working as a team toward a common goal

To learn more about United Way Workplace Employee Giving Campaign, contact Sylvia Drain, Director of Donor Engagement, 406.587.2194 x 109 OR complete this form for a call back.