Senior Stability

Our community is addressing current senior needs and is preparing for future demands.

We empower donors, volunteers, businesses, governments, nonprofits, and community groups to invest in neighbors to improve quality of life for everyone here. Working together, we identify the community’s most critical needs and implement collaborative, innovative solutions to improve lives in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties

Shedding a light on the issue

  • By 2030, more than one quarter of MT’s population will be seniors (Health Enhancement Survey)
  • MT ranks 33rd for senior’s access to long term care (
  • 40% of seniors living in Bozeman, live alone (
  • One-third of seniors report being lonely and loneliness impacts health and longevity (National Poll on Healthy Aging)

​Meet Elra

“I was married for 42 years, but never had children. When my husband, Harold, died four- years-ago, I was at a complete loss. We did everything together. After his passing, the loneliness was unbearable. We loved listening to music together, but with him gone, I stopped all that. I just couldn’t be it. We used to take short trips, but I couldn’t face going alone. I’d watch the news, but then there was nobody to talk to about it. It’s the same with mealtimes; you don’t make much of an effort to make a nice meal if it’s just you eating it. I would stay in my home all day and not see anyone for weeks and weeks.

Three years went by like this. People told me I was depressed. Although I was never diagnosed with depression, looking back I think I definitely was suffering from it. I just couldn’t see the point in life if there was nobody around to talk to.”

I think that people underestimate the power of small acts of kindness – especially if, like me, you live on your own and don’t have any family nearby. Having someone drop in or give you a call once or twice a week makes the world of difference to me. It’s the feeling of being cared about, thought of and listened to that is most valuable.”

Elra’s story is not uncommon. Rural settings have higher levels of isolation and loneliness. Ensuring support for aging populations, including good nutrition, in-home help, social connections, and opportunities to live with anticipation instead of anxiety are the foundation for a healthy community.

The impact of your dollars

  • Seniors feel independent in their lives
  • Seniors are valued as active community members
  • Seniors are comfortable that their physical & mental well-being needs are being addressed
  • Seniors receive necessary care
  • A 15-year community plan that addresses the growing population of seniors and increasing needs

Are You Ready to LIVE UNITED?

Through community investments and collaborative programs, we can improve lives for everyone.